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 Welcome to the Awards Program page.


Unfortunately our online application is not working at present due to a website upgrade.

Please download the Award Application form HERE and either email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax it to: (03) 9532 - 2215

Hopefully we will have a new form available shortly.




1. The preferred method of applying for awards is via the online application form that can be found on the TBA website under the "Bowler Services" menu. The form is located under the "Awards" tab. (Manual forms are available for those without internet access.)

2. Pin Awards will be sent monthly to the registered league’s centre.

3. A maximum of one award per week per bowler can be applied for in each of the game, series or special award category. Eg a bowler has games of 290, 215 and 195 for a total of 700. The bowler could apply for a 275 pin and a 700 series only. They could not apply for a 250, 225 or 200 pin award in the same application.

4. Yearly awards are calculated as per the calendar year.

5. Application for "Plaque Awards" must also be accompanied by the TBA verification sheet.

6. A bowler is not permitted to apply for a game or series award that is below their current league average. Eg a bowler with a 175 average is ineligible to apply for a 150 game award or 500 series award.

7. All awards must be applied for within one month of being bowled. (Notification of 300 games must occur within 14 days.)












2018 ECCC Victorian Team Photo's